XMPP Account Portability

The XMPP Account Portability project is standardizing a way to migrate a user’s account data from one XMPP-based service provider or software to another. The project will develop and publish a suitable protocol and data format via the XMPP Standards Foundation’s standards process, as well as a reference implementation. Finally, the work will be integrated into Snikket, a suite of XMPP-based open-source communication software.

This project was officially completed in January 2022. The results of the project are all open-source and publicly available, now living on in their various places:

A detailed report of the project results, as submitted to DAPSI (who funded the project), is available as a PDF: XPORTA Project Final Evaluation.pdf (75KB)


  • April 2021: Read the project announcement on the Snikket blog!
  • May 2021: Research and document drafting.
  • June 2021: XEP-0227 revision 1.1 has been submitted to the XSF. A new proto-XEP "Moved 2.0" has also been submitted. Both submissions are awaiting approval from the XSF technical council.
  • July 2021: A beta web-based XMPP account migrator is now online!
  • August 2021: Initial implementation in Prosody, as mod_storage_xep0227 and mod_auto_moved.
  • September 2021: Implementation work continues, meanwhile the XSF approved and published the updated version (1.1) of XEP-0227. Also ejabberd, another popular server implementation, gains support for the new XEP-0227 features.
  • October 2021: The project is evaluated by the DAPSI team, and approved to continue to the second phase! Work on implementation and testing in Prosody continues.
  • Nov/Dec 2021: Implementation in Snikket begins, including a friendly user interface to download and import account data.
  • January 2022: Finish implementation and submit documentation for final evaluation by DAPSI.


This project has received funding from the European Union's H2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement no 871498

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