To reduce user confusion when switching between clients, it is good to use only recommended terms.

Historic terms Recommended terms
MUC, Room, Chatroom, Conference Group chat or Channel1 (see Multi-user Chats)
Occupant Participant
JID Address or XMPP address
Roster Contact list


Most XMPP Clients are distributed in multiple languages. In the process of translating a client, people with various backgrounds (not necessarily XMPP-related) are contributing translations. This table of terms (German, French and Spanish to begin with) aims to be a reference for recommended translations in the future.

At the moment, this table intends to support discussing the translation of key terms. Discuss with us!

English term German French Spanish
Group chat Gruppenchat ? ?
Channel Channel ? ?
Participant Teilnehmer ? ?
Address or XMPP address XMPP Adresse ? ?
Contact list Kontaktliste ? ?

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